mFLOR is manufactured by an elite team, using the latest technologies, and embracing product performance standards higher than those required by the European Norm 649, ASTM F 1700, or the JIS Standard. New techniques allow for the use of larger print areas, reducing the number of repeats and producing a more natural appearance to many types of design.

The mFLOR range now embraces unique products, including the Registered Emboss Plank 14 Collection, which is presented in a new longer 121.92cms by 18.42cms size, and using an embossing system which matches the grain and knots to produce the closest simulacrum of wood made until now.

The Special Order Programme utilises the flexibility of the manufacturing process to provide the designer with the ability to create products closely fitted to the conditions where mFLOR is used. This includes the printed design, overall thickness, wear layer, degree of reflectance, and if required a hard wearing non-slip coating.

A service to provide special borders, corners, and inset designs is also available.